Precision – O-CCX EYEWEAR

… only made for you

Unlike classic eyeglass models, made-to-measure allows the uniqueness of each face to be met: While the upper rim of the glasses harmonizes with the natural course of the eyebrows, the frame – viewed from the front – corresponds to the width of the face and ends on the left and right above the cheekbone.

With their individual glasses design shape language, the glasses, if desired, conceal the nose area or accentuate certain facial features. For every face, there are many optimal shapes of glasses that support or break the natural facial lines, making you shine! The reason for this is the so-called “golden cut”.

3 Tips for you

  • Your new glasses should close with your eyebrows, as well as your cheek section.
  • The eyes are supposed to be in the middle of your glasses, little bit inside works as well
  • The golden cut is fulfilled in this way, which means that your eyes are in the upper third of the glasses.

The O-CCX method shows you a new way to find yourself and your fitting glasses.