O-CCX EYEWEAR – Made in Germany

The eye may be the window to the soul!

Your glasses become a mirror of yourself, because your glasses are like you!
Looking in the mirror shows only yourself, because your glasses are like you!
You are courageous, unwavering and reliable and so are your glasses, because they are like you!

Worlds of Color

Our glasses are made exclusively from naturally renewable materials, so they come completely from nature. You will feel it.

The feeling of life

O-CCX is the first ever eyewear brand, that represents yourself from the inside, as well as from the outside. Hence why others will see who you are.


O-CCX eyewear glasses are available as made-to-measure. Conclusively the size will always fit your facial lines perfectly.


O-CCX glasses have a maximum attention to detail. Here you can see the hingeless temples and the unique material.