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… and your personality

“Some might already know the famous quote of Gottfried Keller “Clothes make men”. None the less did the swiss poet forgot: Glasses reflect your personality/ function like a mirror of your truth self. “Although the wardrobe lends moorland self-confidence in the office, on a first date or in leisure time, it is only the right visual aid that manages to convey one’s own visual feeling”, explained Peter Meyer, master optician, owner of Optik Peter Meyer and founder of O-CCX. “Instead of relying on the ordinary models, more and more people dare to choose their glasses with a sense of fashion troughout dimension and personality.

Not without a reason: individual frames comply with the basic needs of people who need to wear glasses. For example, they take into account the aspect of comfort through their good fit, provide an attractive appearance with a contemporary – design and offer assistance for modern lenses and a high level of visual comfort.

How the ideal model turns out depends therefore no longer only on factors such as facial contours and features or the preferred style of a dress.

Only those who recognize all the natural facial lines will always find the perfect glasses.